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    I've just come back from phase 4, and due to start phase 5 soon at STC, when we were given our portfolio's at the end of phase 1, it was pretty much ' here you go, bring it back finished in 2 years'..
    As a result of this everyone in my phase has done there own thing, I have myself, kept a log book every day of the work I do, with PLENTY of photos for evidence, things like PPE used, systems worked on (this is an engineers portfolio by the way), etc, I have also got one workbook that I kept from my 2nd last ship, unfortunatly we were not told these could be good evidence for the MCA orals so I binned them all, whenever I completed a task it was included in my daily log with photos, how i did the task, what precautions i took etc, roughly a paragraph to a page long depending on the task.
    My worry is, is this enough evidence for my oral examinations? I only recentely found out we need to make lengthy reports for each task we do, and my fear is that the MCA will reject my portfolio and ask me to re-start it from scratch..
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    Having just started phase 4 its something on my mind, the only thing i can give you is that CMT asked to see the TRB and Workbook after phase 2, the response i got for mine was that i was completing it in acorradnce with the guidlines in the TRB and that it was progressing well with a good use of pictures.

    I've done similar to what you have described, each job done that relates to a particular task is written up with some pictures of the interesting bits, rather than pictures that dont show anything technical, in most its brief most aren't over a single side and mostly bullet points, aim: procedure: safety precautions: result: is the standard detials for everything. I made a tamplate up so each page has a header that covers a title for the task, date done, confirming officer (who saw me do it/worked with me/signed it off) TRB task number, and then a couple of blank ones for any other details. Its not a detailed report on how stuff works etc but if i had to do a similar task again it would show me the starting point.

    For Work that didnt align perfectly with a task, it got written up in the same format and is used to support either the last section (Operational management - as any task done kinda requires that but its more just for a section to place them under) SOme tasks i also have multiples, as even though the task is proficent its sufficently different than the others to go in the file too.

    Wether this is right or not i really dont know, CMT seem happy with it so im going to continue and while your work done will be quiet different hopefully this helps, on top of that the TRB has a vague set of guidance in the last section on workbooks (or at least mine does)

    Now a question for you, did you complete all the tasks? i have a few that im concerened will not be seen, and while i could probably get an officer to sign them off i would rather have them blank that a lie.
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      If you can't do the task onboard (due to it not being done on your ship types) right a report on how it should be done referenced to all relevant legislation and get your STO to sign it off.
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