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Criminal Record and Merchant Navy?

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  • Criminal Record and Merchant Navy?

    well i am hopefully going to start my training this september but i was arrested 5 years ago nothing serious just a silly thing really it was a fight had a police caution (affray) didnt go to court or anything so i am worried now that its gonna effect my sponsorship does anyone got any ideas wheter having a criminal record stops you going to college? or getting a coc ?or getting your seaman book?or seaman visa? does colleges want a crb check ? i know its really bad to have a criminal record but i was young and stupid anyways anyone had same sitiuation ? thanks in advance guys
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    College and CoC won't be affected by the fact that you have a caution. They're not going to do a CRB check on you, but if it is the sort of thing that will appear in a CRB check then you should have disclosed it to your company. If you didn't and they find out when you go for your US visa then they may bounce you out for not being 100% truthful on your application form.

    Other than that it shouldn't be a problem but don't go getting yourself into more trouble....
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      As above, you have hopefully disclosed it to your company... It may affect your eligibility to obtain a US visa - also be aware that a lot of companies want a criminal record check before you join their ships.
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        When I was at nautical college a couple of years ago, I knew a few nut jobs with quite long criminal records for bad crimes, I just assume they didn't disclose them. knew one fellow with a charge for cannabis possession.he had no problem getting a good sponsorship or a us visa


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