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Limiting my opportunities

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  • Limiting my opportunities

    Just a quick question at this moment of time i'm planning to work in the offshore industry in the north sea and I was wondering will this hinder my chances on getting on other ships like deep sea in the future because of the shorter trips on the offshore boats.

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    I don't think so, working in the offshore industry (and surviving) seems to look really good on your CV, whether you did it as a cadet or an officer.
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      Yes and no. If you're not careful, you could end up with a restricted ticket which will hinder your chances at deep sea as they generally want unlimited tickets.

      Also, a company isn't going to look any more favourably on you for simply working in the North Sea, especially if you're wanting to go deep sea as they are two completely separate environments. Whilst you may be good in one, you could be terrible in the other.
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        Cheers it was just a thought because I will never know what i'm going to be doing in the next 20 years and i just want to keep my options open i guess


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          If you do go the North Sea route then make sure that you will come away with an unlimited OOW Certificate of Competency at the end of it, I am pretty sure that most companies will make sure that this is the case but definitely worth checking.

          So long as you get that then I don't think the fact that you have only been on smaller ships should be an issue.

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            The sponsoring company you have been offered a place with will, for a fact, get you an Unlimited EOOW ticket.

            Should you progress in fleet though, then your tickets would perhaps be limited; depending on what ship you serve on as EOOW.

            Note: As a deckie who knows not much about Engines, I believe you go on engine size for limited tickets, some ships are big enough powered for an unlimited.


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              There is no "Restricted" or "Limited" EOOW certificate. Sea service for EOOW must be on a ship of 350kW or more.


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                its all good i just spoke to the company and they informed me that i do get the unlimited ticket so good times


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                  Who are you going with out of curiosity?


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