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    Hey there everyone, I started at South-Tyneside college in September with Clyde (got given Zodiac as my sponsor company) but I left at the end of October because I felt I wasn't as ready as I thought I was for the merchant navy.

    I'm only 16 and had just left school the year before (June 2011) but I am totally sure that this is a career path that I would still love to follow up but I'm not too sure about whether I will be aloud to re-join in the future because of funding and other things.

    I was looking for any information/advice on this.

    Many thanks (:

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    It will depend on many things, you may have to work harder to prove you "mean it" this time around, so finding a company might be the hardest part.

    Currently funding in under a certain amount of strain and companies are going to be looking for better "sure bets" and may even reduce recruitment numbers depending how things pan out in the longer term, so this basically links back to the first point.

    In all honesty, you will have to try it and see, given your age and admitting you weren't ready at the time,then you may be able to get re-sponsored, much will depend on when you plan to re-apply and who picks you up. Non of us can say for sure, it will depend on many many factors, luck being a fairly large one.
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      In some respects i think chiefy is right, admiting that you were too young is going to help when you re apply, but your going to need to show that in the time between then and the next interview that you have achieved stuff that shows you have grown up and matured, if a month at college in the same country was too much for you how will you do with 4 months deep sea with a forgien crew?

      Basically you need to apply with a cover letter that says why you left after a month, what you have done in the time between then and now and how that has challenged you and given you the skills you were perviously lacking and why all of this makes you better suited than someone who has never had a shot.

      after that it comes down to funding and how many candidates the company has to choose from.
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        Thanks for the support. I'm going to normal college for 2 to 3 years before I re-apply again so things might have changed by then. I'm doing a stewarding apprenticeship in which I get an NVQ level 2 in spectator safety aswell as many other things at the moment. Keeping my CV up to date and looking good.

        Another thing I might add is that while I was there, I did the short courses (fire fighting, first aid etc.)


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