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Working abroad before starting college in September.

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  • Working abroad before starting college in September.

    So iv received the two letters as some others on the forum from a well known employer of cadets first one saying you were successful however due to funding etc. and the second letter saying that they were in a stronger position now n would like to offer me position and would be in contact about start dates for aug September 2012

    First of all I'm really excited bout this and see this as a career for life and can't wait to start. I am aware I have to do my eng1 before I start college which brings me to my next point.

    Iv been offered a job working abroad from match to August and would like to take it but If I quit my current job take the abroad one then 1 week later my training company phone and tell me to come home for my medical then I wouldn't be able to go back abroad to work and would be unemployed April - September. Do you think if I phoned my training company and explained this to them they would let me do my medical early or could I pay to have my own eng 1 done then when they phone to say do it I could say already have.

    Anyone any advice or anything I'm missing ?

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    I would just phone them and tell them the situation. They're not going to mind you working abroad, and an ENG1 is an ENG1 so you can have it done by any doctor on the MCA aproved doctor list.
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      Where are you going? There are lots of MCA doctors about the world...
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        I would just pay the ?80 yourself for an ENG1 now, better then forking out on early return flights and they'll reimburse you if you keep hold of the receipt.


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          I'm in sort of a similar situation, only that I'm going traveling as opposed to working away. I figured that as long as my medical is sorted before I go and my sponsor (or potential sponsor at this stage as I've not signed anything yet) is kept informed everything should be fine. I'm back in plenty of time for College in September.


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            Some of guys in My class had there eng1 durring first week of college. Am sure if you ask your company they will be able to work something out for you.


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              working abroad

              I did pretty much the same last year.
              Get the ENG1 done as soon as possible. You'll need it before you join a ship and if there's something that precludes you from this line of work, it's going to be best finding out now before binning your job ... if you tell your potential sponsor now that you're getting it done, they'll more than likely refund you once you start in September. Once you've got the ENG1, get your notice handed in quick and go have an amazing summer. I did

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