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Confusing letter from Clyde marine services

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  • Confusing letter from Clyde marine services

    Dear mr ********^

    We wrote with reference to your recent interview with Clyde marine training ltd for sponsorship as an officer trainee commencing September 2012.

    The funding for merchant navy officer training in the uk is currenty under review with an outcome expected to be announced at the start of 2012. Due to this situation we are currently unable to make any firm offers for training commencing at above date however we are keen to progress suitable applications in order to offer sponsorship when opportunities become available.

    With this in mind we are pleased to advise that we feel that you would be suitable for officer training and we would hope to be able to offer you sponsorship commencing September 2012, if a space is available. We will therefor keep your application on file and when we have further details on the funding review we will contact you by letter to confirm the final outcome of your application.

    We are sorry that we cannot give more of a definite answer at the moment however please be assured that we are doing all we can to secure sponsorship opportunities for you and your fellow future officers and we will contact you with an outcome as soon as possible.

    SO MY QUESTIONS ARE what's that basically mean. I'm from Glasgow and I'm assuming they'd be sending me to Glasgow college does that affect the smart funding situation ? Also anyone hazard a guess at his likely I am to start September ? 50/50 75/25 ? It's all a bit confusing for me.

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    Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
    SO MY QUESTIONS ARE what's that basically mean. I'm from Glasgow and I'm assuming they'd be sending me to Glasgow college does that affect the smart funding situation ? Also anyone hazard a guess at his likely I am to start September ? 50/50 75/25 ? It's all a bit confusing for me.
    SMART funding affects the sponsoring companies... Essentially Clyde (if you don't already know) act as an agency on behalf of several sponsors who pay Clyde to train and provide them with cadets. As the SMART funding system is being reviewed - and thus may not be able to provide funds for the normal number of cadets. Basically it boils down to Clyde don't know exactly how many cadets they will be taking on this year (read: have money to take on this year).

    From the wording of the letter, it reads as if you have been accepted and they will offer you a position, providing they have sufficient funding available. If you are unsure you can always phone and ask them.

    If you haven't already it may be worthwhile applying to other companies - that way you're not putting all your eggs in one basket and worst case you always have Clyde as a backup. You can always turn round later on, if Clyde confirm a place for you and turn down the other companies (most won't interview until March -> May anyway).

    As for being sent to Glasgow - while its highly likely with Clyde - with other companies you could be sent anywhere - I'm from Glasgow and was sent to Warsash (along with numerous other Scots) :-)
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      At the interview she said because iv worked and lived away from home before it would defo be Glasgow. Not really fussed I'd rather be away tbh. So whi makes this big decision bout the funding n roughly when should I know ?


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        I'm guessing you didn't have your bull**** to English dictionary to hand did you?

        Basically, you meet minimum requirements, others higher up the list, if there is enough funding for you as well, you're in. If not enough funding, then others would go first.
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          So it couldn't a been that I did well enough to get it on my own merits ? Like if I did badly they could have said "look you did badly n because governments cuts then it's unsuccessful but if we get extra places we will keep you on file. I know another candidate who's a lot more qualified and aced his interview n got the same letter ?


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            hi there i have got exactly same letter i have talk to them i think they send same thing to everyone i dont think cmt making any firm offer right now to anyone but you should celebrate because it means you have been succesfull (sorry guinessman dont agree with you here) accordoing to cmt they gonna know the outcome in 2 weeks time finger cross)


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              I would have thought Clyde and indeed other sponsors would be quite reluctant to make any firm offers for September 2012 before any revisions to SMarT are announced; I expect most (if not all) of the prospective September 2012 intake received the same letter.


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                I'll give it to first week in feb n call back ! Where are you from, Glasgow ? And is it engineering or deck ?


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                  Evidence suggests that if cuts are made it will be people who've already received funding for further/higher education who will lose out; if you've never been to college or university I would be astonished if you don't get a place given what they have written in that letter.
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                    I've been sent a very similar letter albeit not from CMT. Basically says yes we are prepared to sponsor you but need to find out about funding so in the respect I've not yet been 100% offered sponsorship. Hopefully it'll all be ok but the wait is a killer!


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                      I'm currently working for Clyde Marine as a deck cadet and have read some stuff on the inside news. Firstly I would agree that its highly likely to go to one closest to home if they say it in the interview (Im not far from Warsash and would you believe thats where I ended up.) Although this is mostly the case some companies have preferences for example regent and disney cruises send all their cadets to glasgow, some also send theirs to south tynside as the engineerings considered better and some for Warsash as the Deck sides believed to be better.
                      With regards to the future of cadetships the way I understand is that it is all under review however with a place now it looks as though you may not gain all the benefits as current cadets. Its more than likely that the company will offer to pay your fees and offer you sea time however you're more than likely to have to fund yourself (basic wages are paid at the moment). It won't be affecting Clyde alone, I have friends in other companies who are feeling the pinch too....
                      I'd defo consider Clyde though, good clan! Hope this helps...


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                        Iv been to college and done an engineering course. Pretty sure my company funded but as it was an apprenticeship


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