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    Hello, does anyone have any ideas on how to make yourself better to potential sponsor companies (like temporary jobs, volunteering and the like).

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    Off the top of my head organisations like Scouts/sea cadets/sports organisations, try volunteering as a leader. Join the RNR/sea cadets/sailing club or coastguard if possible for some experience. The Territorial Army i've heard is favourable as you learn discipline and leadership. Paying to go on or volunteering on tall ships.

    Its all how you present yourself and what you have to work with. As long as you show your intelligent enough, committed enough and aware of what you're going into thats the main thing. How you go about acheiving that varies from person to person.

    Other than that, any form of CV-boosting job or volunteering is recommended, its all about conveying what you have as what they want. Anything that shows your intelligent, hard working and your past acheivements. DofE is also highly recommended.


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      What EFC92 says there is spot on


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        The only thing I would caution people against is going along to these organisations for purely selfish reasons. Yes it will look good on your cv and they are certainly worth considering, but these organisations are staffed by volunteers who give up their free time and they deserve better than to have to spend time (and often money) on someone who appears on the scene for 6 months to beef up their cv and then disappears once they have the job they were looking for.

        I had a fairly lengthy involvement with the Sea Cadets and I can thoroughly recommend the benefits of volunteering with any of the organisations above, but make sure that you are prepared to give the commitment to them that they need and deserve.
        Go out, do stuff


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          Very true. A certain university's student union have a terrible habit of publishing ads for volunteering opportunities with "BOOST YOUR CV" emblazoned on them as the primary "selling point".
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