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    Hello from a 24 year-old prospective cadet,

    I'm looking for some advice before I apply as I think my medical history may be a barrier. How this happened is very complicated, but basically I now have anorexia on my medical notes, even though this is false and I have tried unsuccessfully for years to have it removed. I'm worried that this will make me look unsuitable.

    Can anyone tell me, is the medical certificate required one that measures fitness now, without history, or will all of my notes be seen? Or given that I was 15 at the time, has enough time passed for this no longer to be an issue?

    Many thanks for your help!

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    You'll go to an MCA approved doctor for a medical before you start a cadetship, if you're reasonably healthy then you'll be fine, they don't get your notes sent over.


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      Your previous medical notes are not taken into consideration normally. However I do have to ask the question, why would the doctor mark you down as Anorexic if you are not and have never been anorexic? Are you and have you ever been anorexic? Why won't they remove it from your medical records?

      To put it simply, if you have had an eating disorder like that, then there may be the chance that you will not get an ENG1 as the last thing anyone wants is for you to collapse from malnutrition!
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        When you go for the ENG1 you have to complete a sign a declaration about your health where you'll be asked for this, and you'll be asked to put the name of your present GP. However if you are in excellent health and have no known issues now, just be honest with the GP, and he'll probably ask you a few questions about it, but it i'm 99% sure that it won't preclude you from an ENG1.
        I've seen people get ENG1's with various different ailments and conditions, and occasionally restricted ENG1's. It's a fairly practical examination.


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