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  • Employment after cadetship


    My sponsoring company doesn't employ british officers and i'm seeking advice and previous experiences regarding employment when I've completed my cadetship. Do the colleges provide a helpful hand or advice on my next step or will SSTG, who i have gone through, be approachable to help me find vacancies for an EOOW/4th engineer position and advice.

    Any replys will be much appreciated, thanks.

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    Theres a load of recruitment / management companies around so its easy enough to find advertised jobs, the telegraph as well normally has a huge raft of adverts and then you can also target any specific companies and look to their websites aswell.
    as for what use the college /training company will be have to wait till someone whos got to that stage comes along, but i guess it wont be much above a list of places to go looking for jobs
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      My college practically kicked us out the doors with a "don't darken our doorstep again" sort of thing...

      Lots of recruiters and recruitment companies out there looking for Officers. You'll find that it will tend to aim more towards Supply/cruise ships (I can see some cadets backflipping now), but there are some out there who will take anyone regardless of nationality. Normally the Owner of the vessel says what nationality they want working on the ship and the manager does what they're told (Owner's are paying for the whole shebang...).
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        You'll almost definately find a job straight after your cadetship. Sometimes you have to take a less desirable position initially, but once you've got a few stamps in your discharge book as EOOW you'll find an incredible amount of work.


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          Thankyou guys, thats put my mind at ease.


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