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  • Norweigens

    Im joining a ship soon with an all scandinavian crew. what are they like as people and are there any specials things i should know about them so i dont offend them

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    Well the Swedes like to make fun of them but I've found them very friendly. I'd say they pretty hard to offend. On land they're typically hard working in the week and go in for binge drinking at weekends, I'd expect they drink in moderation on-board. Norwegian uni students love their drinking songs.
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      Eyh, we Norwegians go for the binge drinking during weekends too. Probably because of the strict alcohol regulations due to governmental care for our health. Also, we are vikings. Most of us don't do the mushroom thingy anymore though. We also make fun of Swedes and Danes, that's a Scandinavian thing, we all pretend to hate each other. The Danes have the term "mountain monkey" for us Norwegians, some are offended by that one, but I and most see the humor in it. The Danes with their pancake country, I love it in Denmark.

      But in a bit of seriousness, we're not easily offended. So you'll get a long way with common courtesy. The common Norwegian might be a bit cold and shy to begin with, we're not good at talking with people we don't know. But don't be afraid to to talk to any of us, we usually open up pretty fast. Also, alcohol is usually prohibited on Norwegian vessels, and there is rarely any drinking on board, both on- and off-duty. I know some companies have been plagued with drinking on board, particularly certain ferry-companies. The fishing fleet hit the bars as soon as they are docked, but they are a special breed.

      As for any certain topics to avoid, jokes about terrorism and such might be a bad topic to bring up with the recent bombing and the killings in Oslo, we are sensitive mountain monkeys at times.

      And drinking songs, yep, we love them. Dancing, not so much unless we're drunk.

      If you need some more info or any thing else, let me know and I'll do my best to help.
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        Im joining a ship soon too but with a spanish crew, what I should have to know about them?
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