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Application forms: Height and Weight Question

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  • Application forms: Height and Weight Question

    Hi everyone, one of these type of questions (again - sorry)

    It seems that every application form has a space for your height and weight and was wondering what the main reason for this is? Obviously the reason for my asking is that my weight is heavier than it should be for my height due (honestly haha) to doing a fair amount of sport so it's muscle and it does throw out my BMI, not drastically but a little bit.

    Will this effect how my application is looked at or is this something that I'm massively over thinking and it isn't really a big deal?


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    All I can say is when I applied my BMI was 28... didn't stop me getting an offer... :-D

    You can pass an ENG1 with an above "normal" BMI, the doctor will be more likely to assess your physical fitness as opposed to using the flawed BMI method
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      Hi, I can tell you from my personal experience that BMI does matter. Basically if your BMI is above 30 the Doctor carries out a visual check and if your body is made up of mostly muscle and not fat then its fine and you get your Eng1. However if after visual inspection it appears that your body is made up of more fat than muscle then the Doctor may make you do a short fitness test, such as a Step test or simply running up and down a few flights of stairs. If your BMI is above 35 well then you will only be able to get a restricted ENG1 for Near coastal waters only.
      I am sure you will be fine as it sounds like most of your body is made up of muscle. I think the MCA are tightening up a bit on the overall weight/fitness of sea farers. I myself recently had my ENG1 and was given a restricted certificate due to being to overweight and having a high BMI, luckily through diet and exercise over the past 4 weeks I have lost 8.8 Kilos and am now only 4.2 kilos away from my target weight the Doctor set me so that i can get an unrestricted medical and start with Clyde Marine in the January intake.
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