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    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the Maths exam is like at WMA on day 2 of phase 1? How long is it? How hard? Also i heard that if you are on the FD (like myself) and you do badly, then you will be moved down to the HND. Is that true?

    Thank you for your help.

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    We can't really give too many details about what's on it, but it's mainly multiple choice and it's not too bad. GCSE level with a few simple A level questions.

    Don't worry too much about it - from what I understand moves are rare, either from FD to HND or HND to FD. I'm doing the HND and got 96%, but still doing the HND.

    If your maths is *very* rusty, you would actually do much better on the HND. You cover the same maths in phase 1 as the FD, but you have more contact hours to do it in and a lot of support fom the lecturer.
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      Does Fleetwood do a maths test for HND/HNC?



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        Multiple choce...For maths? Ermmmmmm ermmmmmmmm is it me or does that just seem wrong.
        I cant fill in my noon figures using multiple choice...did we do A) 100 miles B)360 miles C) no miles cos we are in port.......although imust admit they do occasionaly have some resemblance to the lottery numbers ...but thats another story!
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          The maths test is gash, i got 40% in that test but in the maths module got about 70% so i wouldn't really worry too much, worst that happened to me was we were asked to go to a 'maths clinic' with a rather good lecturer
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            As CD Says, I shouldn't worry about it. There's nothing to it really. The Maths test is only to assess where you are at and identify the people who may need a little extra tuition. When I was there I never heard of people being moved from FD to HND because of their test results, the only difference with HND is that you have to do a separate module on maths during phase 3. That was on the old system and may have changed now...CD?

            Anyway, I shouldn't worry, if you've managed to get the necessary qualifications to gain entry then you shouldn't have a problem with the maths exam. They do keep in mind as well that, for some of the cadets, it may have been a while since you did maths in an educational environment. If you want some recommended reading the AQA books covering GCSE and some basic A-Level maths can provide good info, concentrate on geometry, algebra, transposing formula. This would be more helpful for later exams in stability and navigation rather than your maths assessment but will serve to provide a good base for you to work from.

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