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    Hello everyone I will be starting warsash in september sponsored by SSTG and CMA CGM just want to ask some questions im curious about.

    1) Im really into working out at the gym mainly weights, I just want to know do ships have gyms onboard and how good are they? I mean do they have barbells squat racks bench racks space for deadlifts and dumbells? Also if they do will i get a chance to work out as a cadet or even officer, i mean will i be working to much and have no time or will i be able to lift some weights for 3 days a week which is what i do atm.

    2) This question ties in with the first. If you know anything about lifting weights you'll know you need to eat around 6 small meals a day to get plenty of protein intake. So what i want to know is will i be able to eat about 6 times a day when on a ship as a cadet or officer, oh and also can i bring supplements onboard like whey protein tubs etc. Im very dedicated to lifting weights

    3) Finally i told my dad i would keep in touch with him while on my first trip so i want to know is there anyway of communicating with him e.g. email or phone?

    Thanks for your time any advice would be appreciated!

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    1) the gym will depend mainly on the ship, cruise ships yep and a mate was able to deadlift 200+kg so i guess it was reasonably set up, small offshore boats its less likely as the space is a serious issue they might have something but depending on what your at it might be less than useless. it also depends on the ship and what hours your working what the weather is like and a whole host of other variables

    2) from my ships (2 different companies) meals are meals so theres 3 a day if you want need more then theres theoption of making some sandwiches or the left overs as for supplements, how much do you use in a month, now consider that your going awway for 4 months, that you need to pack clothes electronics and some books in there too, some ships will be in places that flying with a massive tub of white poweder wont be a good idea anyway and some will be in places that you cna buy when you ger ashore

    3) lots of ships have email, but you can also post regular letters when your inport, a kindle from amazon will give you a limited mobile connection anywhere in the world almost for free (once youve bought it)
    you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky


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      you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky


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        I'm on a ship just now All Maersk ships are dripping in WIFI, I imagine a lot of other companies are the same. TBH the gym can be good or bad and it usually depends on how the crew are. On here its a crew of fitness freaks, so our gym is really nice and there is plenty of cake left over at dinner where as on my last ship no one went near the gym so it was falling to bits as for 6 meals a day...... I wouldn't say so :P Whatever food is left over form dinner is usually left out in galley at night on our ship so...


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