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Is there a minimum BMI for the ENG1 medical?

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  • Is there a minimum BMI for the ENG1 medical?


    I have a low BMI (16.5 to be exact...) and I am concerned this will make me fail the ENG1 medical?

    The low BMI isn't to do with an eating disorder, or medical problem. I love eating whatever and whenever, but my stomach is small so I don't eat much! I would probably fatten up on the ship anyway, with proper meals every day etc.


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    I don't think it is measured or looked at that much I was weighed and measured and I could do with dropping a few KG but he never said anything about it just filled the figures in on the sheet so I think you will be fine
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      The medical requirement can be found in MSN 1822 or the approved doctors' manual. For some reason the MCA website doesn't want to let me see the PDF of MSN 1822, so have a look in the doctors' manual:

      om what I can see, there's no minimum as long as you're able to carry out your normal duties with no issues.
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        Well on the plus side its the same BMI as Naomi Campbell is if the whole at sea thing doesnt work out you can always follow her footsteps.

        On the serious side regardless of the indivdual case you are underweight, you may be perfectly healthy but from the doctors table its something to mention but i doubt that you will fail on it. You dont give much away if your 16 it really wont be a worry if your 30 then its different. I did an ENG1 in 2004 and at that time was told i could stand to put on some weight was maybe 60kg and 5'11, i think in the years since ive maybe put on 5kg. It would be worth hitting the gym a bit we dont want you blowing over the side.

        as for the fatties, theres nothing worse in life than being paired with a slow metabolism and a realy fast pie hand
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          CD and anonymous,

          Here's a working link to the MSN 1822 in PDF. The MCS site one doesn't seem to be in the mood...


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