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  • Clyde or BP?

    ok so i have an offer with clyde for engineering, got my eng1 done and signed training aggreement thing, but i got an offer from bp to do the same course, just to send them a signed training aggreement, so i can just call up clyde and and tell them im not staying with them? think i read somewhere i can do this as long as i havent started college is this true? and bp havent told me the training allowance yet so just wondering if anybody knows? and do they pay accomodation?


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    BP are the best people to ask about their pay and accommodation, so ask them! Presumably you're due to start college in September, so turning down CMT is really just a formality despite having signed the agreement. The sooner you tell CMT, the easier it will be for them to fill your place with someone else.
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      have a look at the details that clyde sent you, pay, bonuses work out what else you want to know like is there a tie in after you qualify, who buys the uniform, accomadation costs, which college etc then bung them an email, then compare the two, its not uncommon for people to get a few offers take it as a sign that you come out well when interviewed
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        clyde will make you pay for your eng1 if you drop out after taking it. Apparently it's 80 quid.


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          it would be unuseual that a company wouldnt so when clyde send the bill for the eng1 just pay them and keep it and pass it onto BP. they can only say no, and if your getting a better service for 3 years whats 80 quid
          you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky


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