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    Hi There,

    I am looking in joining the Merchant Navy as Navigation Officer(Deck Cadet).
    I understand for certain recruitment companies ie CMT I have to have a shortlist of 3 different companies.

    I am anxious to try and choose the best for me,-Is there really a huge amount of difference from being a Deck Cadet on a Bulker, to a Container, to a Cruise Ship to a Tanker?

    I understand that my choice is not a certain, and more a guideline for the recruitment company. but how do I know what will suit me best?
    Any advice would be most appreciated.


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    From what I've heard clyde pretty much ignore what you say. But i wont know for sure till september


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      Alright mate, I had a friend with CMT who picked cruise ships and got it for his first two trips but then dropped out the course after that. as for other similar companies such as Bibby, which two of my close friends were with, they got sent to various companies such as bank line, andrew weir and CMA CGM. As you said, the cadet people on the office only care about getting you on a ship, if theres a ship of your choice available they will stick you on that but if not they need you to get the sea time so they'll send you anywhere!

      as for the differences its quite big!! on a container ship you'll be holding watches in port and depending on chief mate you may get lots of shore leave you may get none. never been on a bulker but i can imagine its similar but with less to do on cargo watch from what i've heard. as for cruise ships, although they do have things to do in port all i've ever heard is that they get quite a lot of shore leave!

      You may also want to take into mind, what way you may want to go in the future, its very hard to find a job on a tanker if you have no tanker experience or endorsements (specialised certificates), which is kind of obvious. one thing i will say is out of the 2 people on my course on cruise ships, they both didnt seem to spend that much time on the bridge and actually navigating throughout their trips which was evident in exams.

      i hope my ramblings are coherent and help, i apologies if there not =]


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        It's horses for courses, some people love cruises as the tend to be quite social and the likes, others thrive on boxes or tankers where there are less people and (arguabley) less places to hide (or more chances to shine).

        In the end though you are in it for your CoC (ticket) from there the world is your mollusc however as said above getting on tankers without endorsements can be tricky BUT if you fancy it while still a new qualified officer you stand more chance of moving at that point than later on in life having never seen them and being more senior (if that makes sense)
        Trust me I'm a Chief.

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        Yes I work for the big blue canoe company.
        No I do not report things from here to them as they are quite able to come and read this stuff for themselves.

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