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  • Evergreen

    I was wondering if anyone has completed their full cadetship with Evergreen and could tell me what the training was like on board, what facilities they had were like (gym, internet, bar) and how approachable were the officers? Did you learn much? What was the standard of food like? I’ve read some similar posts 6 years ago but wondering if there’s any recent updated information.
    Also those that did their full 12 months how did they find getting a job with another company?

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    I've closed your post on the other forum section as you should get enough responses on this one. Anonymous may encourage more honest responses too.


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      Thanks, couldn’t figure out how to delete the double posts.


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        I know a couple of people that were Evergreen cadets. By and large had an OK time, food was a bit hit or miss but no more so than other deep sea companies. Crew were Taiwanese, but they seemed to put cadets together so they weren't 'alone'.

        The ships were nice, nicer than the tanker company I was with - although the internet allowance was a bit crap. This may well have changed since covid though. The ships had gyms, saunas, big cabins too, one had a pool.

        Nobody was offered a job with Evergreen - I think it's just tonnage tax, but the guys didn't have an issue moving to another job. Just needs a bit of perseverance really - you certainly aren't in a 'worse' position than anyone else!


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          sailorj93 This seems more positive than other reviews I’ve read. Thanks!


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            Still a gamble I’d recon and wouldn’t fancy eating rice an chicken feet for 6 months at a time.


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              I'd say it's what you make of it.


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                Originally posted by Guest View Post
                Still a gamble I’d recon and wouldn’t fancy eating rice an chicken feet for 6 months at a time.
                It's always a gamble. I was faced with a choice between evergreen or North star. I often wonder how my cadetship would have been like had I picked the box boat container life. I thought british crew and offshore would be great for training, job at the end etc but it's still just a gamble really. You get good crews and bad crews, good food and bad food all around.

                OP, you won't get offered a job by them but you might or might not get a brilliant crew and you certainly will see some of the famous ports and canals. I'm guessing you are sstg? They have been pretty good to me on the whole.

                But I I could rewind the clock and start over I would have kept looking and tried to get myself on with a tanker company as the training is very good, handle dangerous cargo and you go in and out of port a lot. I'm assuming you are going for the September start? Obviously take the offer for now if you are deadset on this, but you have plenty of time to keep looking and broaden your choices. As someone else said, you could be on a ship for months at a time and if you hate it on there its not good, but that can be said for any company.


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                  I was an Evergreen cadet. This was 10 years ago now so things may have changed but back then I have to be honest, it wasn't great. Language barrier was sometimes an issue and there were things that I was taught which I later discovered which were incorrect (maybe in conjunction with the language barrier). I learned more in my first month with my current company as a qualified officer than I did there. Having recently sailed with a newly qualified Evergreen cadet who is now working with us and witnessing their lack of knowledge in some stuff, I don't think things have changed much.

                  Facilities on board wise, the cabins are massive with a fridge in them, couple of portholes, en suite shower room. There was a large desk with some chairs and a small sofa along with a seperate computer desk. There wasn't really a "bar" as such, there was a recreation room where crew would sometimes gather and do karaoke etc. You could buy drinks (including spirits) and cigarettes from the bond, which the 3rd mate was in charge of. No toiletries etc to be purchased though which was weird. You'd get given a couple of bars of soap a month and an allowance of two toilet rolls per month(!). That was weird enough for me as a bloke, I sailed with a female cadet who had more issues with this. She ended up going ashore to buy her own stash. Sanitary products etc make sure you bring a sufficient amount to last you for a while until you can buy more ashore as they don't have these on board (or they didn't when I was there). Actually thinking about this Covid could make this a serious issue as you might not be allowed shore leave in a lot of places which obviously wasn't a problem when I was a cadet. So make sure you bring plenty supplies of anything you think you might need. Food was horrendous. Chickens feet, tripe, pigs trotters etc. Lot of rice though so you could just live off that. Depends on the cook though I know a guy who was on a sister ship who had a cook who'd lived in the US for a bit and used to cook lots of western stuff for the cadets. Internet was non existent. You had access to text based e-mail which was limited to something daft like 1000 characters per message. Hopefully that's improved a bit by now.

                  Obviously no chance of a job at the end as they don't employ British Officers. The job market has been discussed to death on here so I won't go over that again but suffice to say its tough as a newly qualified officer at the moment. It took me a few months to find a job when I qualified but that was a long time ago so not relevant to things at the moment really.

                  Having said all that, I got through it and got my ticket at the end of the day, and am now working in a good job for a reputable company, so you can certainly progress in the industry if you start there. A decent number of the guys I sailed with qualified, although the drop out rate seemed a bit higher than average which is probably not a surprise given the above.


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                    EH75 this was really helpful, thanks so much!


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                      Waaarrrggghhh thanks!!


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