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    I just tried to reply to agibbs98 on the "Is this the end of the shipping industry for brits?" thread to find it had been closed!

    As far as I could tell it was a civilised discussion with the last few posts about the lack of power of the unions.

    Maybe the moderators thought that we were getting a bit to close to the truth regarding the utter lack of jobs for brits, while the union and training companies make more and more money by encouraging young people into the industry when their is no jobs for them to go to.

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    Clearly censorship. There was also some replies that were deleted from the thread. Now if that is due to it hitting too close to home regarding jobs for Brits, or it being viewed as “unsavoury ” in one persons view it is not clear.

    However what is clear is it is something which seems to be happening a lot on this forum as of late. And it is no way to run a forum. Time to find/start another forum me thinks.


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      It was probably hatchorder that closed the thread, he is always closing threads for pedantic reasons.


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        I think the thread should be reopened.

        Potential cadets have the right to read what those in the industry have to say about their ever diminishing employment prospects.

        Removing obscene comments is one thing, disallowing discussion of certain topics is another.

        Anyhow, the fact the thread has been closed implies the end is in sight. If there was nothing to hide it would still be open for comment.


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          There might be a power hungry moderator, perhaps they are an ex captain who misses bossing people around at sea, perhaps they now have too much time on their hands so they enjoy locking threads for no reason.

          It might help the forum if the site owner removed the moderator privileges from a theoretical power hungry moderator who disrupts the conversations on the forum.


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            Yep, the thread should not have been closed, and the fact that it has been is suspicious.

            It's not like the site is bursting with activity anyway lol. Just shooting yourself in the foot. If you keep locking threads in this manner, than people are just not going to come here anymore....

            Charlie Delta; This is your forum. I hope you are watching what is happening and can give a quiet word to whomever is constantly censoring our voices; got a pretty sure idea of who it is tho.......


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              I have looked at the deleted posts and they were removed by a moderator as they were blatantly racist / sexist and the response deleted as it contained a quote from the offending post.

              I have however reopened the thread.
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                The post didn't seemed to be highlighting the absurdity of arbitrary socially constructed identity preferences that some seem to think is the golden bullet to save the UK merchant navy. There seems to be a real lack of job openings for UK seafarers but what you hear all the time from professional bodies is about identity identity identity.


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                  Originally posted by alistairuk View Post
                  I have looked at the deleted posts and they were removed by a moderator as they were blatantly racist / sexist and the response deleted as it contained a quote from the offending post.

                  I have however reopened the thread.
                  Ok thakyou, I hadn't seen the removed posts, and assumed it was closed due to comments going against the nautilus party line.

                  Anyone making racist comments is just showing their stupidity.
                  Yes their is a shortage of opportunities at sea for British officers, which is being made worse by training companies pushing through more and more cadets. However that is caused by British companies/unions wanting to maximise profit and avoid tax.
                  Anyone who can't see that and wants to blame it on seafarers from abroad who are simply trying to make a living, probably lacks the intelligence to work as an officer.


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                    Yup the final post I responded to was some creature basically poking fun at minorities (not just race, sexuality and gender too) and was pretty pathetic.

                    This thread is another example of why the anonymous forum isn't the best place to have these discussions - do any of the above need to be anonymous? They're all to keen to post in a way which means nobody can respond to them without wasting their own time, all of the responses here could be the same troll or could be genuine individuals; who knows? At least zrrh has a name so we can actually discuss with him/her, regardless of difference of opinions... and we have no idea who they are so they are still anonymous.


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