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  • Notice and contract period dilemma help

    Hi all. I'm just wanting a little help with a job hunting situation. I currently have a second officers job but I am looking to go elsewhere do to my current job having very few pros over cons.

    I'm trying to find a job that lines up with my leave and notice period. However this seems almost impossible as my contract puts me at sea more than I'm at home and my notice period is equal to my leave period. I dont know how I can work this out as there are so few jobs going and that's a limited window to work with. Throw in the fact I'm fairly newly qualified and looking for a change of ship type I just don't feel the odds in my favour. So what I want to know is, if it comes to it, can I hand my notice in while at sea on contract and then be sent home early once the end of my notice is reached. Thanks

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    It depends on your SEA, all the information should be there. However, if it’s like any of the companies I worked for the onus is on you to pay repatriation costs if you want to sign off early. Not so big of a deal if based around the U.K., but more so if you are on a different continent.

    Why are there so many cons? I’ll be honest with you, now is really not the time to be looking for a job. I know a lot of senior officers sat at home dedicating their full time to looking for work, a newly qualified officer looking on his rest time at sea has even less chance.

    I’d say stick it out for now, hopefully the market will improve by next year. However, it is never super easy for newly qualified officers to switch between jobs.


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      OP here. The fact that I'm at work more than I'm at home is the big one, especially since the pay doesn't even make up for it. In addition the company doesn't compensate when I cant get home on time. So I end up with no leave at all and its tough.

      Most importantly though I'm on ships that are hard to get off of once you're on them which I dont want. Just don't fancy being backed into a corner at the start of my career.

      As for the job search, in all fairness I found this job back when current events first kicked off. I feel if I can do it once I can try again. No harm in looking i guess.


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        I'd disagree it's not the time to look for a job, the time to look for a job is always when you're currently in a job. The preference on employment will almost always go to someone that is currently in work, thus proving another company probably likes them... OP isn't putting his neck on the line here, they already have a job if they fail to find a new job.

        Back to the original point: of course you can hand your notice in whilst you're at sea and expect to be released at the end of that notice period, but as above, you may have to pay repatriation costs but you may not. Also remember that if you find a job that wants you to start in 14 days, but your notice period is 30 days... there is always great aunt Noreen who has just passed away and requires your presence at home. It's the sea, it's not as connected as the land and you owe your company no debt.

        If you want to be smart, like I once did, get your testimonials now from your captain and tell him/her that you require them for a course/MCA want evidence/need proof of employment for mortgage/another bullsh** excuse. That means if you sour your current relationship with the company you'll already have a positive testimonial (reference) for your next job... worked perfectly for me!


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          If you have a job now is probably not a good time to look for a new one.

          The job market is absolutely dire just now for deck officers, there are hardly any jobs coming up with any of the agencies, there are some jobs on gas carriers but they ask for prior experience and gas experience.

          But you never know you might get lucky and be in the right place at the right time to get a new one.


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