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Second thoughts about sea

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  • Second thoughts about sea


    I’ve just started my first phase and have for the first time started having doubts about going to sea. I was wondering if anyone has felt similar when they had started their Cadetship and if the best thing to do would to be listen to how I’m feeling or keep going?


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    It's perfectly natural to have doubts about going to sea during phase one - it's a completely new experience and one that you can't really prepare for. I'd stay stick with it if there's no penalty for dropping out - see if learning more about sea life piques your interest, and if you can give your sea time a good shot. You'll know after your first trip whether this is something you'd like to persue or that it's not for you. To be fair, the world is a massively uncertain place right now, so unless you have something to go back to that'll give you a comfortable state of living right now, I don't see how much you'd gain by not holding out and giving it a shot.
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      You embarked on this journey for some reason, presumably back then you thought it sounds amazing. If you pull out before going to sea you’re likely to start regretting not trying it, pondering over whether or not it would have been great.

      You can go to sea to try it out, I’ve known people to drop out after the first sea phase... they used any one of many excuses but it was likely the same real reason in their mind: they didn’t like it. But at least in their chosen careers now they’re sure they made the right decision not going to sea.

      I was a bit worried I wouldn’t like it, especially as I became an engine cadet when I actually wanted to be a deck cadet. I had no interest in engineering and found it quite confusing... but I went to sea and learned to love it and now love being an engineer on land now I’ve grown tired of the sea.


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        Make an account and message me if you like, sometimes it's hard to talk to people onboard, and sometimes it feels awkward talking to classmates. I'd have loved someone young but more experienced that I could relate to when I was a cadet.


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          I second the above if you have any questions and want to hear two independent answers from the been there and done that crowd. I too wish I had someone to ask back then... my questions ranged from the most simple to the most bizarre but were all some form of stress regardless!