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What happens if you are lacking sea time, but are on-track to finish academics?

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  • What happens if you are lacking sea time, but are on-track to finish academics?

    Hi all,

    I'm a phase 4 cadet, currently sat in the house due to a lack of available vessels to complete sea time. I've not had much communication with my company during this period, but I am wondering what will happen if I don't complete my sea time in phase 4?

    Reason for the anonymous forum is that I want to hear the experiences of people here rather than the company line - they've got previous for telling porkies to me.

    I suppose, should I keep the worst-case scenario in mind?

    That scenario is that I'll finish my qualification and just get abandoned.

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    You get back phased if it comes to that. Or you might complete your qualification, then go back to sea before starting orals prep etc. It'll be up to the company and your college.


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      I went through this, I finished my final sea phase with something like 5 weeks too little sea time as the company that year had too many cadets and not enough cabins for them. In the end, with a lot of stress, I got a dispensation to sit the orals and qualify with less sea time than required. As an engineer I was given an extra course at college in the steam/engine workshops which covered boiler safety etc over a few days with Indian cadets, this was to help satisfy the MCA. I then sat my orals, pass and started sailing straight away as a qualified officer. I was a fourth engineer with 5 months sea time essentially!

      So it isn't the end of the world, and I should think many cadets are having the same issue so you may find more leniency than I found regarding your sea time. Worst case scenario if you're really in a pickle, with less than 75% of your seatime etc. then backphasing is something that can happen... you'll continue your sea phase and then rejoin the intake who were a few months behind you in starting. If this happens you'll remain on cadet pay.

      I've never heard of someone finishing the qualification and being abandoned.


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