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Additional Services for offshore vessels

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  • Additional Services for offshore vessels

    Hi all,

    i work for a maritime company that deals with offshore stuff - O&G / Ren - O & M.

    Trying to brain storm what additional services a ship owner could provide to the client.

    For a bit of context, the vessels we own are W2W DP2 hotel standard with D/c's.

    Something we came up with was the provision of a Pressure Washing service to get marine growth off the structures. Any one else got other examples of potential additional services we could supply?

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    Obviously a bit dependant on the original design of the vessel and they may already be, but similar to the Wagenborgs W2W vessels perhaps having them certified as ERRVs so O&G clients won't also require an ERRV to be on site.


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      I saw somthing on linkedin where some maritime body was offering a ?10k prize to people who come up with a great idea they could implement, I hope this isn't people looking for other peoples ideas to submit as their own...


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        Freeloading the anonymous forum for business tips? Classy.

        Join the community, this is section is for sensitive questions for seafarers and future seafarers.