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  • Tattoo?

    I'm thinking of getting a tattoo in my lower forearm. Should I ask my training officer (Clyde marine) first if that's okay , or should I get it anyway?

    Also how many people have you worked with on board ships who have had tattoos visible if your wearing a shirt sleeve shirt?

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    I'm of the view that you are an adult, and shouldn't have to ask your employer for permission for something like this. HOWEVER, some employers in the cruise industry and yachting will not employ people with visible tattoos so you could be ruling yourself out of a large proportion of that sector in future. Given that's one of the few sectors that still employs a large number of British Officers (or at least it was before coronavirus destroyed the industry) I'd think carefully about whether or not this is a wise thing to do.


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      If you work on cruise ships then you'd be best off double checking their policies.

      Anything other than cruise ships though you should be fine with.

      I've got 8-9 tattoos including a lower forearm piece and it's never caused any trouble - we've got members of pretty much every rank more covered than me within the company Saying that, I'm not in a public facing section of the industry so I feel like opinions are lot laxer there.
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        If you’re deck and ever fancy trying yachts 90% of yachts stipulate no visible tattoos. Engineers usually get away with it though.


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