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    So I’ve been looking at cruise company’s and really want some peoples thoughts. I’ve worked for a few different ones but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on Disney? Is it pretty much the same working for them as other companies? Nationality onboard? I just really want to know what I’m getting myself in for if I apply.
    Also, Virgin? Anyone got any news on it? Think they will be any different? I know they want to be with the uniforms and everything but anyone thoughts?

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    Virgin are getting rid of Officers uniforms and all rank markings, and putting in place one that is for everyone, from the Dishwasher up to the Captain.

    Call me traditional and old fashioned, but I don't agree with that for many reasons, one being safety wise, how does the crew know who is in charge? How do the Passengers know who is in charge in an emergency? How does this affect on board quality of life for Deck/Engine Officers? Does this reduce the Deck and Engineering departments authority, whilst keeping the same responsibility for the ship? Either the politics onboard cruise ships will be better because of this, or worse, as each department jockeys for status.

    As for Disney, Deck are mainly Croatians, Brits and Italians.


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