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Companies where you work less than 6 months a year

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  • Companies where you work less than 6 months a year

    Good evening
    Hope everyone in well.
    Before I begin I want to say I am not afraid of hard work but my mentality means even when I am on holiday. I still like to do some work related stuff so I can become better at my job.
    Different people want different things out of life but for me I would like to be able to work for less than 6 months a year.(not in one chunk obviously) The reason being so I can concentrate on other things in my life.
    My perspective is very much, that life is finite and I don't want to be working more than 6 months on something that is only a part of my life. Even though one is enjoy. I.e there is more to life than just work.
    Does anyone know of companies that have a 1:1 leave ratio and additional paid leave on top of that.
    I know PO ferries offers this. And I would prefer to not be working in categorised water i.e the Solent.

    Sorry if the question is not structured properly but I want to get across that I want a lot of time off. But not because I am afraid of hard work but I want to spend my small time on this planet doing more than work. And I know people sometimes suggest retiring early but there is not guarantee I live to see tomorrow let alone retirement.

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    Just to add:
    I would prefer to continue to work at sea i.e not on a tug or as a pilot
    I am asking with regards for jobs for deck officers


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      If you work in offshore oil/gas rotas are generally 5 weeks on / 5 weeks off.

      This approximates to 6 months a year off (minus travel days and training courses).


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        Plenty do. Most North Sea/offshore type jobs are time for time, almost all CTV/Workboat jobs are time for time rotations on a fixed contract length.

        almost all ferry jobs, the better tanker jobs (TK, BP, Shell). Pritchard Gordon are the same too.

        Plenty out there really, the only companies that don't are cruise lines/yachts because they know people will jump at the chance!


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          TK are 3:2 for juniors. Time for time if senior. As far as I am aware BP and Shell are the same.


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            As an ex-P&O Ferries engineer I can confirm they are perfect to lead a double life. If you're short sea (Dover Calais) it is 7 days on/7days off and twice a year you get 3 weeks off when you wish, you can also work extra shifts and earn 2 days off for every extra. If you're on the "long sea" routes like Hull Rotterdam/Zeebee, Cairnryan-Larne and Liverpool Dublin you do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and four times a year you get 3 weeks off instead, but this is rostered once per quarter.

            Either way you generally work around 4 months per year when leave is factored in.


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              Lots of bigger yachts are time for time now, especially at 2/O and above. Either two or three month rotations. That said you will spend all your leave recuperating from your last contract.


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