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    So I am coming to the end of my study and the company who I am sponsored by are looking to offer a contract of employment. however, I have accepted an offer elsewhere (better salary, contract lengths and for me personally, vessel type I'm most interested in working on). unfortunately, there is an annex in my training agreement that says I'm liable for training costs should I reject an offer of employment on completion of my cadetship.

    I am fully committed to leaving the company I am sponsored by however I'm unsure as to the best way to approach to leaving as I am definitely sure they will chase me for these costs.

    Any thoughts or advice would greatly be appreciated.


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    I did the same when I completed my cadetship. They did actually send me a letter 'demanding' repayment...


    It really depends on the company, and who you are going to sea with. If you leave stating that "I have been offered employment elsewhere" then they probably would be a little annoyed. If - such as in my case - I didn't want to spend months away from home with crews that comprised mainly low to no English speakers I do think this makes a difference.

    If it did go all the way to court, could you imagine a county court judge siding with a huge shipping company against one cadet and forcing them to choose between potential bankruptcy and the stress and potential mental strain of doing a job you hate locked away on a ship at sea?

    On the flip side, I would seriously consider thinking about sticking it out for a while - they did sponsor you etc, there is (i believe) some moral obligation there unless they have treated you poorly in some way.


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      If you’re comfortable to PM me or even post here anonymously your company name, or hint at who they are we may be able to give you an idea of anybody we know who has done what you’re planning to do.

      I believe my contract (Clyde and P&O Ferries) had a clause in it, I chose to stay because I wanted to but I know some who left that were never chased and had the company wish them good luck/invite them to return in the future when they’re bored.


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        Thanks for the replies guys, I am aware of others who have left, albeit not on good terms (ignoring all contact attempts made by the company) and have not incurred any training costs. however I don't believe this is a smart way of going about it and would rather be straight up. in terms of moral obligation, while I agree, as I did have an excellent cadetship, the company has recently experienced a salary drop for new officers as well as contracts extended. As mentioned, the opportunity to join the company I am now with was too good not to pass up particularly when comparing career progression as well as salary/contracts.

        I would rather remain anonymous for the time being even in private message but I am happy to report on the outcome once the dust settles. I feel posting a company might also make my identity known.


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          I wish you good luck, sounds like you’ll be happy once the dust settles and I think you’ll be without penalty anyway; I’ve never heard of anyone paying or owing their training company.


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