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Cruise ETO vs Engineer - time in ports

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  • Cruise ETO vs Engineer - time in ports

    I've been looking at both Engineering and ETO cruise cadetships and was hoping someone could answer a couple of questions...

    I've seen ETOs tend to be day shifts and on-call basis for other hours - is this similar for engineers?

    Given this how much time are ETOs or Engineers likely to get to actually to explore ports (both during the cadetship and then after upon becoming an officer?)

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    As a cadet I would say it is pretty much the same. Higher-ups generally understand you're a cadet and give you more time off the ship. As an engine cadet on a cruise ship you won't be put on watches straight away, you'd probably be put with the HSE (hotel services engineer) that is day work. A cadet won''t be put on call so don't expect to be working nights until you are qualified, unless towards the end of your 1st phase and during your 4th phase as an engine cadet, then you would working watches which would be at some point of the night.

    On my ship, engineers worked 6 hours on, 12 hours off. So in those 12 hours you can do what you want. The benefit as an engineer is you know exactly when you will be able to get off and not have to ask.

    Once you are qualified, I would say engineers get more time off but it really depends on how many ETOs there are onboard to cover your work.

    Saying this, don't choose your future career based on the times when you're not working. You have to enjoy the job. If you are more techy then go for the ETO role, if you like mechanical and dirty jobs, engineer is the way to go.


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      Is this a sensitive, anonymous question or something you could actually join the forum and ask?

      If you’re basing your career choice on who gets more time in port then I’d suggest a cadetship isn’t for you; your superiors treat you how they feel you’re treating the opportunity, and sailors (especially technical officers) don’t receive poor cadets well.


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