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  • Branching out into different sectors

    I'm looking to apply for sponsorship for the next intake.

    At the moment I am interested in working on tankers partly for the reason that I heard the tanker industry is hard to get into latter on if you don't have the right tickets.

    ​​​​​​If I ever choose later on after being qualified and working on them for a few years that I would like to try working on container ships or cruise ships would this be difficult to do without any prior experience on these types of ships?

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    It’s dedinietly far easier and far more attractive to tanker companies if you’ve sailed on oil or gas tankers as a cadet. If you’ve done your three months on oil and 3 months of gas and then complete the advanced oil and gas courses then you can apply for your advanced oil and gas endorsement on your CoC so is definitely a bonus to have. It would be worth while trying to get some time on LNG tankers as a cadet as the majority of these ships have dual fuel engines so can burn both LNG and fuel oil which for an engineer is a great experience to have and with a lot of new cruise ships being built, have these new dual fuel engines also so would be an attractive extra to put on your CV if your looking to move onto cruise (from an engineering point of view so not sure if it’s engine or deck your going for). Personally I don’t like LNG ships as I have rarely seen a half decent port and spend majority of my time in the likes of the Middle East and Africa. Although all these things are considered a bonus for your CV and I have over 6 months as 4th engineer on LNG tankers I can’t seem to get cruise ship companies to bite on my CV so not quite sure what I’m doing wrong. Container ships I think Maersk is one of the very few container companies to train and keep cadets on after their cadetship however I think they’ve stopped recruiting british cadets so I can’t see these types of vessels being easy to find work on. I don’t actually know anyone whos gotten a job on them.
    Phase 5 SPD engine cadet at city of Glasgow college. Doing a a combined motor and steam ticket.


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      I don’t know anybody that has made a large move within the marine industry, and I know many that are desperate to get from containers to tankers or tankers to cruise etc.

      Tankers are obviously difficult without DCEs, cruises have pick of the crop over MANY passenger ship engineers as they represent the largest amount of cadets in the UK, containers can easily source cheaper foreign labour and regularly do, supply boats are often for experienced people only, yachts are restricted to the good looking and ferry/cruise guys, bulkers generally don’t employ British officers, ROROs same as bulkers, Ferries don’t like container/tanker officers etc etc


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        I know one person who moved to tankers from supply boats but it wasn't easy and required them to do a contract as a "junior officer" on probably not much money to get their DCEs.

        I work in the cruise industry and have sailed with officers who started off in various sectors including tankers so I don't think it's too difficult to come over here once qualified. Going the other way is a different matter though...


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