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    So I completed my cadetship and acquired my engineering coc and have completed over a year of sea time in rank.

    It not that I don’t like the job, it’s thst after spending more
    time at sea you obviously see more of what goes on and based on that I’d say that I am personally much more suited to be a deck officer, it’s much more ‘me’ if that makes sense. It’s not thst I don’t like the engineering side of things it’s just quite clear to me after seeing more of both sides that that the job I want.

    So the question is, is it possible to acquire an oow coc whilst already having a eoow coc and how does one go about this, if at all possible?

    Anybody have any ideas about this?

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    You would have to totally self fund it whilst working as an AB I guess, completing the deck TRB and college course distance learning. This route is rather slow and I’ve never seen anyone take less than 5 years doing it. I’d say you’re pretty much set in your role as engineer, if you end up not liking it then it’d be easier to move ashore than to deck.


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      That is a seriously long time at sea to only now be having second thoughts!! It is possible - but as said above will take a hell of a long time...

      Might be worth taking a look for jobs on either Yachts or Workboats where you will been Engineer/Deckie and get a bit of both worlds?


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        There is one possibility....The MEF. Worth giving them a call and having a discussion?

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          RFA could be an option also as I don't think they use smart funding?


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