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Please engineerd help trash this out

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  • Inland Pirate
    I'd imagine most people's idea of 'thrashing it out together' would be that you at least attempt to answer the questions yourself first...

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  • Moses Antai
    started a topic Please engineerd help trash this out

    Please engineerd help trash this out

    Good day all,
    engineer who have had tanker experience please let's trash this out together.

    1. What is I.G PLANT?
    2. How many gas are present in the operation of the I.G from start to finish?
    3. Mention the major component that make up the I.G? And their uses
    4. What are the two major mode of the I.G PLANT?
    5. How do u calibrate your I.G?
    6. What part of the i.g are found in the engine space and deck main?
    7. How many major valves are present in the i.g
    8. Whats your O2 to be maintained during INERTING AND GAS FREEING
    9. what marpol regulation covers the I.G plant?
    10. Are i.g automatically started? And why?
    11. What kind of fuel are used in the i.g operation and why?
    12. How do u start and stop the i.G plant?
    13. Wats d procedure 4 blowing fresh air into cargo tanks using IG system
    Which part of IG should be left operational/ stopped
    14. What kind of valve do u have in I.G system
    15. Where is d Location of uptake values
    16. What kind of valve is
    The valve after d atm/recirculation/vent
    The valve that opens automatically to allow IG of 5% O2 out of ER area to the non return valve & deck main valve, what is it called?
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