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  • Taking anxiety meds

    Hi posting anon for obvious reasons.

    Ive been at sea for like over 6 years now and I've had generalised anxiety disorder all my life. For the most part I cope ok but recently I've been thinking of asking the doctor to try some anti anxiety meds. Im fine while away at sea but I struggle when I'm at home and not working. However I'm worried about in validating my ENG1 which would only make it worse. Anyone sailed whilst on meds and still gained an unrestricted ENG1? Or any advise?

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    I work with someone who takes meds for anxiety and has an unrestricted ENG1. You shouldn’t have any issues, I’m sure it’s more common that we think as the job can be stressful.

    There is asvice available on such things through dreadnought:


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      Perhaps you also need to consider other methods of managing your anxiety. Mental health issues tend not to be discussed amongst seafarers because it is seen as a weakness and also because of the issues around maintaining medical certification.
      However, anxiety (and depression) are far more prevalent amongst our occupation than you might realise. Some people manage it better than others, some are good at hiding it and others just give up because of it.
      As a marine pilot I would be lying if I said I didn't suffer anxiety on occasions, especially when I was first licensed and operating in high winds. I would have sleepless nights before jobs, sometimes going days without proper sleep because of the upcoming job, but talking to colleagues I realised that this was normal, some of them 30 years on still get anxiety.
      I have a close friend who has used meditation to help manage his anxiety. One of the recommendations is being active, going to the gym, going swimming, going out for walks and meditation (not talking about being a hippy sat outside in a tent here...). Also consider your diet, caffeine consumption and alcohol consumption and how that affects your anxiety.


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