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Yacht life and pay

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  • Yacht life and pay

    Hello what’s life like as a officer on a yacht, and what is the pay like.

    Thanks jordan

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    Can be as good as the yacht is pretty much for the crew to play on as the owner is never there, or as bad as the yacht is 24/7 on charter so you are work work work.

    Can be as good as £45k for junior officers, or as bad as £25k.

    Can be as good as 10 weeks on 10 weeks off, or as bad as 10 months on 1 month off.

    Basically, it’s variable.


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      Busy and Varied. I do a 4:2 month rotation that is flexible to 2:1 when in Europe as long as we pay for our own extra flights. $4500 permanent contract.

      VERY lucky to get this job straight from college. My Military background was key to that. But once you're in the big yacht (+100m) world then its easy to move between boats.

      Actually taking the watch and doing normal 'officer' stuff is 30% of my job. Lots of small boat driving, crane driving, fixing stuff that has been pushed beyond its limits, finding ways to make the impossible happen, doing stuff that is right on the borderline of being unsafe, all whilst looking fabulous!

      Officer/crew line is a lot more blurry than say cruise ships, you all live in the same mess, most of the crew know more than you about 'yachtie' stuff like cleaning, professional level painting (not a chipping hammer in sight!), or cabinetry level carpentry, and you all get stuck in together on most big jobs. Our crew is a mix of Brits, Kiwis, Saffas, and a mix of Europeans, with only 3 Phillies.

      Very much a work hard, play hard environment. Long hours are the norm. 08-12, 30 mins for lunch then back on deck until 1800, dinner then a bit of time off before watch again is my standard routine when we have guests on. Alongside we try to work 8-5 and have weekends off but that rarely happens as we get used a lot so yard time is precious.

      Food is outstanding and really healthy, drinking is allowed whenever as long as you're sensible, we have a manned laundry so that gets done for you, and I share a smallish cabin with the other 3/O.

      By the sounds of it, some of the bigger boats pay a lot more but you work like dogs for an asshole, and/or you'll never leave the bridge. Some you get paid peanuts, and you'll get to chill in the sun all day. Fortunately my boat's family are lovely people and whilst the pay is pretty standard and we work very hard for them, we get treated really well. Boss off we are technically allowed to use the outside decks and some of the tenders and toys but we rarely do as its us who have to keep them perfect!

      Sea time takes ages to accrue, as yachts are treated differently by the MCA. You cannot claim time alongside (with a small exception) towards your requirements for chief/masters.

      Definitely its different to anything else out there, and you will either love it and thrive, or will hate it. Swings and Roundabouts.

      Superyacht OOW
      SSTG Cadet 2015-2017
      Ex Royal Navy Navigator.


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