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What are the shore job options at port authorities/inspectors etc for 2nd officers?

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  • What are the shore job options at port authorities/inspectors etc for 2nd officers?

    I have finished a number of contracts and a 2nd officer in an lng company, did pretty well but I ve really disliked the culture of ****ty captains/chief officers, companies that only care about money or protect ****ty people because they know them, terrible or non existent schedules where all 2/os are supposed to rush do everything without a plan before, ignoring rest hours and more which are pretty usual in other companies as well.

    And have started thinking of maybe moving to the shore, a port job would probably be ideal but i dont know how many types there are, i assume it takes a lot to run a port, schedules, timings, inspections etc but have little idea how many ranks there are and most importantly, what qualifications they require.

    I assume being a 2nd officer and having experience on sea is helpful but what else would they usually require, i cant imagine a "port degree", and even though im from Europe i kinda liked how Amsa operated and would also like to look towards them.

    Money isnt really much of a big deal for my anymore, would like to hear if people had any knowledge/experience to moving to a shore port related job.

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    There are Port Management quals in the UK - and would be a good start if you want to work for Peel Ports or something at a local management level.

    I would warn you that the corporate culture is 10x stronger ashore than at sea... The reason all the Captains care about money is they are being pressurized by the office.


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      Why not look at staying at sea but working on tugs or ferries? You will live at home and still drive ships, earning good money with less bulls**t and less time away. P&O Ferries etc are pretty good for 2nd officers, 1 week on 1 week off, £42,000 tax free etc...


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