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Trinity House or SSTG?!?

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  • Trinity House or SSTG?!?

    So I'm off the join the Merchant Navy, emmigrated over last September so I'd be entitled to do the course over here and all. Trinity House have always been my first choice but SSTG have offered me a place and I have til the 7th of April to let them know whether I want it or not. However Trinity House have now offered me an interview on the 18th of April. What do I do? Take up the SSTG position? Wait for Trinity House? Ask SSTG to give me more time? And does anyone have a clue how gruling the Trinity House interviews are? Help!

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    Re: Trinity House or SSTG?!?

    Well I'm sponsored by TH, didn't apply to SSTG so can't compare the toughness of interviews. I was in a similar position last year with an offer from TH and a future interview with Carnival.

    SSTG pay more.

    What role are you applying for and what type of ships do you want to work on?
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      Re: Trinity House or SSTG?!?

      Go with SSTG, they pay more and are pretty picky about candidates. In my experience they pride themselves on backing the good horses-if you get my drift....


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        Re: Trinity House or SSTG?!?

        From the knowledge that I have, Trinity House were very helpful. If it were my choice though, I would accept the offer from SSTG. SSTG are well known for their rates of pay and good reputation of quality training and cadet lifestyle, but look at it from another point of view. SSTG are no longer accepting applications. Stringing them along and waiting for another offer in my opinion is a bit rude, so regrettably I think a decision should be made sooner rather than later.

        Lets say you were to decline the offer from SSTG. You went along to the interview with Trinity and you got the place. That would be good, however what if you did not get the place? It will not be easy to find a place this late I think. If you say no to SSTG, they will have no problem filling that space.

        My only advice would be to call up Trinity, ask for an earlier interview or a phone interview, even ask what are your chances of getting a place.

        If you are sure you can get a place with Trinity, go for it if you want. SSTG have put an offer on the table I would take it, but the decision is yours.

        I hope this helps and I have not made it more difficult.
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          Re: Trinity House or SSTG?!?

          Definatly choose SSTG out of the two, not saying TH is a bad sponsor, but SSTG has a much broader number of vessels / companies you can go on!
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