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    Could anybody offer opinions on what effect weeks or months at sea has on your relationships or your ability to make them. Potential cadet here, still debating it. Is this a single persons job?

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    Many people have very successful relationships combined with a career at sea. I met my wife on passenger ships and afterwards sometimes spent over 7+ months a year away from her. If just takes strong people to overcome the challenges. Plus, I think my wife sometimes appreciated her quiet life when I was away.
    That said, a turning point for us was having kids and I swallowed the anchor 2 years ago because of that.


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      As a counter point to YoungMariners point, it can be the end of them, especially romantic relationships. Trust me, getting dumped by text message at sea is not the one and it's a tough one to deal with as you can't just wallow in self pity for a few days like you would at home - you have a job to do. That has to wait for when you're back. It's not fun and some people just can't handle those periods of their partner being away.

      In a group of eight cadets (including myself, and we're in phase three), the situation is:

      - Five in long term relationships since P1 or before.
      - Two broke up at sea (one of which started a new relationship at sea)
      - One new relationship in P3

      Saying that, it does seem a lot easier for people on cruise ships. Trying to find interesting things about your day to talk to the people at home about whilst working cargo is tricky aha.

      But plenty of people do manage it. In all honesty, I haven't found that it's affected my friendships half as much as I thought it would. You just have to make the effort to reengage a little when you get back and make use of the internet, whenever available, to stay in touch. I think a big factor is being open with people - make sure they know what you're doing and that you're doing just disappearing into the ther.
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