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Non-Swimmers and the MN

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  • Non-Swimmers and the MN


    I really want to join the merchant navy but at the moment I can't swim. Would this affect my chances?
    Clyde Marine Training says on the website that the STCW course can be done by non-swimmers but how much would I actually struggle as a non-swimmer? Should I go get lessons or is it ok to leave it?

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    Re: Non-Swimmers and the MN

    Non swimmer welcome, the STCW course are how to don and use a life jacket, jump in a pool wearing said jacket, and sea survival techniques.

    So long as you arent afraid of water (in the sense of putting your head under etc) then there really isnt an issue, the point of the boat is not to have to get off and swim away from it
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      Re: Non-Swimmers and the MN

      Chiefy has it; in any case the ability to swim is of little use if you are wearing the standard issue 'Mae West' thing, which renders anything other than backstroke impossible.
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        Re: Non-Swimmers and the MN

        I would recommend a few lessons just to get used to being in water. We had a non swimmer on our course and his lifejacket starting coming apart, quite a frightening moment for him.
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          Re: Non-Swimmers and the MN

          I am also a non swimmer but a keen sailor and kayaker and more than used to the water with a Bouyancy Aid aslong as you have confidence in the life jacket which you should then your more than fine just don't panic
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            Re: Non-Swimmers and the MN

            Just remember the only time that will actually have to swim when you are at work is when it all goes horribly wrong, so being a non-swimmer isn't much of an issue.


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