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Accomodation at Warsash Maritime Academy-phase 1

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  • Accomodation at Warsash Maritime Academy-phase 1

    Ok, i understand there is some importance in having some experience in a cramp environment, as i guess on board a ship as a cadet, you'll be in a small living environment, and you can hardly just walk away from it
    so i do get that, so dont lambast me saying im not right for the career.

    the accomodation at warsash for phase 1 nevertheless seems horrendous in the sense that for four months i have to study and live in an environment i find difficult to cope with, honestly from what ive heard about shackleton and blyth, makes me think off a hostel or something.
    im not being a snob, im quite happy to put up with it, its a career i have so much desire to go for so its a potent sacrifice, yet i cant escape the fact for the first 4 months, im going to be a little distracted about the poor living conditions.

    i may well be exaggerating, though ive been to the academy, i cant say ive looked at the accomodation personally, having only seen some rather depressing pictures and reading things.

    so is living in blyth or shackleton for phase 1 an absolute compulsory condition of the cadetship?

    if it is, then i'll have to accept it, i sound like such a brat in this, i wasnt expecting a palace to stay in, just somewhere to stay that will give me comfort and space.

    cheers guys

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    Re: Accomodation at Warsash Maritime Academy-phase 1

    Generally it is however you can always ask your sponsor and see what they say. No ask no get.

    It also is not that bad.
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      Re: Accomodation at Warsash Maritime Academy-phase 1

      the only people i'm aware of who were allowed to opt out of living there were cadets who were over 30 years old.
      (I think one happened to live very nearby anyway). So basically... you are going to have to put up with it. Look at it as a test of your ability to cope with less than ideal conditions... your time at sea will be better... and for want of a more original pun... you're in the same boat with a lot of others... try to make the most of the proximity to things to do with your course, and look forward to your first sea phase, which by all accounts will be worth waiting for.
      Blyth has been refurbished... and Shackleton is scheduled to be soon (allegedly).
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        Re: Accomodation at Warsash Maritime Academy-phase 1

        The accomodation really isnt that bad, like you said its not luxury, but it has got everything you need. You'll most likely be sharing with someone from your course, so you'll have plenty to chat about, and you'll probably get along fairly well (even if your not best mates). I assume your a Deckie because you've said 4 months? if so I think you'll end up in Blyth as thats where all my intakes Deckies ended up, and Engineers went to Shackleton. And weve had to be here for 7 months, so it really is possible to cope with it!


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