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Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise please

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  • Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise please

    Dear Forum Readers,

    I was hoping someone would be able to advise me.
    I come from a marine background and have spent the past 4 years working on yachts and superyachts. I have my RYA yachtmaster offshore, STWC all four modules, ENG1, Other boaty licences and am currently studing for GMDSS which is a module that is part of the OOW ticket.

    However I do not meet the enrty requirments needed for the Cadet Officer training and would like to know if it is even possible to still apply. I have a Grade B in I.C.T, C English Lit, C English Language ( GCSE's) all my other subject I obtained a D grade.
    I also obtained a NVQ level 3 in Holistic / Beauty Therapies ( I know its not very relvant to shipping but thought it might be worth mentioning).

    However I am so commited to wanting to become an Officer on a passanger ship and make this a long term career prostpect. I have gained alot of experience and knowledge since leaving school (2003) and would be a very hard working student for the Officer Cadet position.

    Will the requirment stop me from acceptance or do I still have a chance because of my Marine background?

    Kind Regards,


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    Re: Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise ple

    Put an application in. At least then you have a chance rather than not putting one in.
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      Re: Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise ple

      yeah ash is right push comes to shove you go back to college or night school and gain some more quals
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        Re: Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise ple

        I think the genuine problem is maths... all the cadet training streams involve maths, and the training can be intense, such that, if you've never done a particular bit of maths or maths-dependant stuff before, then you will genuinely struggle due to lack of time to assimilate enough to get enough in the exams, and that could lead to general demoralisation and arguably affect your progress in other subjects (as well as cost more time and money in dealing with compulsory extra classes and resit fees). It's arguably for your own benefit that you are required to have a certain level of maths, I really don't see any way around it tbh.

        I would say it makes sense for anyone coming into a cadetship, whatever their background, to brush up on their maths up to at least AS-Level standard, simply to have a less stressful time with the whole experience.

        I would imagine that anyone you applied to, if they let you get past the very competitive sift, would probably want to ask you how you might cope with the maths, and probably want some evidence: exam results I suppose (but evidence of dedication, proactiveness in trying to fix a weakness, and work ethic perhaps?).

        With the background you've described, it seems that the best options are to go to a local college and do GSCE and AS-Level maths or something roughly equivalent to give both yourself and a prospective sponsor the confidence needed to get through the academic side of the training; maybe even pay for extra tuition from a local university maths degree student or postgraduate, if you are really serious (that would probably look good on an application too).

        (Another alternative is to apply to be a rating in the RFA, but I'm not sure how helpful that would be in helping you become a deck officer on a cruise ship, as cruise ship companies seem to want to take people on as cadets or experienced officers).
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          Re: Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise ple

          Why is it that everyone wants to work on sodding cruise ships? They are not the only ships that sail....
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            Re: Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise ple

            have you seen cruise ship diaries???
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              Re: Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise ple

              Ok guys keep on topic.

              OP - Having a 'marine' background does not necessarily help you especially with regards to the day to day running of a cruise liner (if it is this that you wish to do)

              As stated above, the requirements are pretty much set (and for a reason) it is expected that you have a reasonable maths knowledge for both deck and engineering courses. Advice would be to get back to college, obtain a GCSE C and above in Maths and possibly Science if you were thinking of the engineering side of things (although from your first post I make the assumption it is deck you are interested in)

              Once you have the necessary quals then apply. It will not take more than a few months to prepare for a Maths GCSE, especially if you are determined to get the job.
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                Re: Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise ple

                Yup, night school / classes in maths is a must that way you can work and learn at the same time, otherwise into college for a year and get the gcse's up to scratch.

                You might want to look up the number for a few of the sponsor companies (or their e-mail) and have a chat with them, they "might" be interested, but you might struggle a bit as maths really is a foundation to many other subejcts (Celestial Navigation, Stability, Ship Construction etc).
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                  Re: Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise ple


                  Thanks for the reply just to let you all know im not actually thinking of cruise ships as such more ferry's or would be intrested in the oil companies too.

                  I think i will look at doing some sort of math's course. Even though I got a D in maths , through experience and jobs I am much better at mathematics now than I was at school.

                  I think I shall apply regarless you dont get if you dont ask!



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                    Re: Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise ple

                    Dawg is right about the maths my ownmaths is okay buy was in the distant past when I last had any actual lessons in it.

                    I did my own maths revision before starting the course to get used to maths again and re learn some stuff I had forgotten. I am now very glad I done this. Although you are taught maths again on the course having done a recent refrseher made all the difference.

                    Some people I know are now spending alot of time going over their maths which is time they could have spent doing something else.

                    Id say apply as you intend to and get your math skills revised. If you are rejected and it is down to the maths you can allways do some formal qualifications as has been suggested and re apply.
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                      Re: Not meeting the Requirments for Qualification advise ple

                      Hi Faye,

                      I was in the same boat as you i had 2 x GCSE C grades and the rest D's, also a degree level qualification in Beauty therapy, also with experience with working at sea. I was so determind just like you but was told I had to get the required. I am now at college dooing a BTEC Level 2 applied science, Double award GCSE science, Maths and English which will bring me out with equivalent of 6 GCSE at C grade or above. When i had started college I applied to SSTG and got an interview straigh away, which then i got a place which was great to know the hard work was going to pay off. Its been hard being back at college studing something that really has no connection to being a trainee deck officer, not for the work because thats easy, but being away from sea and the fact I cant actually wait to start in september. But when september comes it will be all worth it, so i would reccomend looking at your local college to do the same, getting all the requirements you need. Its also really good doing the maths makes me a lot more confident for when i do start as they say thats the hardest bit.

                      hope this helps



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                        Hi Guys,

                        I know it has been a long time since this thread was last touched, but it could be relevant for others looking on this site.

                        I didnt have particularly high grades in terms of maths and science, my A Levels were more in the History, English, Politics strain, but I did a part time University Access course to get my level of knowledge up to scratch. SSTG were more than happy with that as meeting the Pre-requisite for the FD Deck course.

                        The course itself was well worth it and I believe there are a number of these courses run around the country at various universities.


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                          Originally posted by GuinnessMan View Post
                          Why is it that everyone wants to work on sodding cruise ships? They are not the only ships that sail....
                          Plus they're not very good


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                            If I were in your position I would contact some of the companies who you are interested in and ask for advice as to what they would require before they considered your application and what they would recommend as being useful for the college course.

                            Some of the modules that you have mentioned will certainly help, but I doubt that companies would see them as making up for a lack of maths at GCSE level.
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