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    Obviously the daily routine differs immensely from person to person and on different ships, but what sort of routine could you expect onboard (Deck Officer or Engineering Officer). What time do you get up, what hours do you work, what hours of free time do you have, what can you do in your free time, where can you go on the ship in your spare time etc. (and any other stuff worth mentioning )

    Just trying to get a feel for what an average day (if there is such a thing) onboard is like for cadets or qualified officers and what life is like whilst working onboard.


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    Re: Daily Routine Onboard


    First phase deck cadet here, on a cruise ship and currently on daywork.

    Wake up about 0700, breakfast in officer's mess, turn to with the seamen at 0800, smoko 1000-1030, lunch 1200-1400, smoko 1530-1600, knock off 1730. In the evening there's passenger events and depending on what's going on we might spend a bit of time on the bridge. Other than that, there's food in the officer's mess or passenger buffet, and drinks in the wardroom or crew bar.

    Hope that helps!
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      Re: Daily Routine Onboard

      Glad to see all is going well CD
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        Re: Daily Routine Onboard

        Last time I did dayworking it was something like:

        0700 - get up and washed
        0730 - nosebag
        0745 - tea in the ECR
        0755 - think of something to do today
        0800 - rounds(dip tanks etc)
        0830 - start whatever 'something' is
        1000 - smoko
        1015 - back to work(this maybe more like 1030 if not busy)
        1200 - more nosebag
        1300 - back to the grindstone
        1500 - smoko
        1515 - finish off and clearing up
        1630 - another round
        1700 - nosebag again

        A engineer cadet will do this as well, except for getting Sundays off.
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          Re: Daily Routine Onboard

          Silly question:
          Nosebag is?


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            Re: Daily Routine Onboard

            I would assume that is referring to scran or food..
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              Re: Daily Routine Onboard

              Cheers H


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