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  • Preparation for clyde interview

    ok so i have an interview with clyde for engineering cadetship in january and i have few things id like help with if possible, what are most woking hours like? whats a "watch" ? and do engineers do them or is it just the deck officers? and i think if i were to get accepted i choose 3 shipping companies as sponsors? and advice on good ones to choose/not to choose? and if i pick my 3 what are the chances getting 1 of them?

    lol sorry to bother you all but its really hard to find info on this kinda stuff

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    Re: clyde interview

    Depends what type of ships you're on. I know that engine officers hold watches on Cruise ships, some cargo ships have UMS (Unmanned Machinery Space) which means all engineers are dayworkers and there is a "Duty" Engineer durning the night.

    The day is divided into 3 watches. The 4-8, 8-12 and 12-4. So you work 8 hours of every 12. Some watches are different. It's not unknown for watches to rotate 6 hours on 6 hours off, and there are other rotations that I am sure other people can relate to.

    Shipping companies are your own personal choice as they will reflect where you want to work. If you'd like to work on container ships, oil tankers or cruise ships, choose the company that will give you what you want, there are lots of companies so have a look into the ones clyde are offering you.

    There are some active members of the forum who are engine cadets with clyde, I'm sure they'll be along shortly, lol.

    Don't hesitate to ask any questions you like, that's what the site's here for.

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