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    Hey guys

    quick easy ish simple question(s) for you. Have applied to maersk grades aren't great could be much better but do they take into acount any RYA tickets you hold as i have a fair few in my collection of paper thingys i mean certs and would it improve my chances??? do they like you having them??? will it make me stand out or not???


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    Re: Maersk and Me

    Having any past experiences at sea or engineering backround/navigational backround helps a lot towards being accepted, as long as your GCSE/A-level grades are massivly below there requirements
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      Re: Maersk and Me

      Well i have these grades

      Geo - 1
      Computing - 2
      P.E - 2
      English - 2
      Maths - 3
      Physics - 3

      Im currently doing a int 2 in maths and techy studies the maths i hope to gain a A in making that a 1 in s grade form.

      I also have

      RYA Dinghy Sailing instructor
      RYA Power level 2
      RYA Diesel engine maintenance
      RYA VHF Short range
      RYA Offshore compt crew (500 miles todal)

      BETEC First diploma in public services Distinction Grade
      IMI Level 1 car mechanics Distinction Grade


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        Re: Maersk and Me

        Certainly won't hurt sticking them on the application!


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          Re: Maersk and Me

          Things like that look good as it shows that you are capable of doing more than drinking cheap booze in a graveyard!

          Also, the compt crew one will be good as it shows that you are able to work in a team, which is the pure essence of being at sea is. Just being a good navigator/engineer isn't enough. You do actually have to get along with the folks your working with!
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            Re: Maersk and Me

            Yeah I have done alot of team work based stuff and when I was off shore we needed alot of team work to get things done Plus I have also done Leadership stuff with my instructor tickets etc so i do hope these help me out with my grades not being top notch haha


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              Re: Maersk and Me

              Originally posted by GuinnessMan
              Just being a good navigator/engineer isn't enough. You do actually have to get along with the folks your working with!
              It isnt? Since when? Bahhhh thing to do, send you out on a weeee jobie (search forums for reference to Weee jobie) wait oooo 20 mins then wander along with some words of it fixed yet? Or....(after a long complex explanation from you).....spare me the details just fix the fecking thing (best said in a scouse accent)

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              Seriously though stick those things in your CV either as direct qualifications of as a sub header for "an other interests" or maybe "hobbies", in and of them sleves they dont mean much as far as this career is concerened but show you as are a more rounded person type thing...all those lovely soft skills people seem to think are important (compared to say actually knowing which end of a hammer to use)

              With those grade though and the added stuff, some one wil pick you up for sure, so good luck
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