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    Hi Guys,

    I've recently been offered a place by Clyde on a cadetship starting in January, which was subject to me passing my medical and returning the various bits of paperwork they post out to you within a 4 week deadline. I've done so almost a month ago now, and as of yet I've not received word from Clyde as to when I'll be starting, or even if there is a place for me yet. I'm getting slightly concerned as the date where I'd need to hand my notice in with my present employer is rapidly approaching, if I want to spend Christmas at home before I supposedly start. I've tried calling them and was basically rushed off the phone (from the tone I was given the distinct impression that I was being a bloody nuisance simply by having the bare -faced audacity to dare interrupt them with a phonecall), all they'd tell me was that they'd received my paperwork, and that was it.

    Is it normal for Clyde to take a while to get back in touch, and is it unheard of for them to reject an applicant if they can't place them with a sponsor?

    Perhaps I'm worrying unduly,but anything you guys can report back that would put my mind at ease would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Clyde Marine


    By the sounds of things you have been:
    - to an interview
    - offered a place (conditional to medical, etc)
    - accepted the place (ie. returning the forms within 4 weeks)??

    After returning the the forms you should then be sent a pack containing:
    - Application form for US visa
    - Application for discharge book/British seman's card
    - Sposorship agreement
    - A letter telling you where to have your medical
    - Some test maths/physics questions
    - A letter for your GP regarding what jabs you have had (I'm assuming you haven't had all this yet?)

    I received mine a few weeks after send back the first forms. I also have to give a months notice so i'm thinking about giving my notice in mid-November so i can leave mid-December.

    If they were going to reject you i imagine they wouldn't have offered you a place, you may have to just sit tight and wait. maybe bug 'em with a few emails and phone calls.

    With regards to when you start, this info should be in the letter they sent you offering you a place.
    "we are very pleased to offer you sponsorship" - "This course will commence at XXX college in January 2011"
    As for a specific date in January they will send you joining instructions when the college issues them (this apparently can take ages).

    Hope his helps abit

    Let me know if you have any more questions



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