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$1000 per month salary reduction?

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  • $1000 per month salary reduction?

    Hope everyone is well,

    I’m working at deep sea on my second contract (not a permanent contract) for the same Singapore based company.

    I’ve paid into a company pension fund during my sea service (3 years seatime before withdrawing some is one of the clauses).

    However the company have announced pay cuts and I will be affected by losing $1000 per month. If I leave however they have told me I will lose my pension as I have not served long enough.

    Does anybody have experience with this? It doesn’t seem fair they can cut my salary by so much and also keep my pension if I leave.


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    It will all depend on the terms of the contract you've signed and the contract with the pension provider...

    You're not very clear regarding the pension; did you pay into the company pension scheme from your normal salary (and the company matched/did nothing) OR did the company contribute on your behalf (nothing was deducted from your pay) - if it's the former then it's odd you can't move it to another provider as you're the one who paid into it. Ultimately check the paperwork that would of been provided when you signed up to the pension scheme, if it clearly states you're not eligible to anything you've paid in until 3 years then yer, not much you can do about it.

    Are they proposing to cut your "salary" during your current contract, or is this from a future date? This matters as if it's during your current contract your entitled to reject the changes and leave - the full terms that you're allowed to do it on and what compensation you're due will be detailed in your SEA.

    If it's not mid contract the changes take affect, as you're not on a "permanent contract" technically they haven't "cut your salary" - they've offered you employment at whatever there new rate is which unfortunately you cant do anything about except chose to not take it.

    If you're company has an HR department, contact them.
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