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Can i change sponsorship company

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  • Can i change sponsorship company

    Hi all, in need of some advice.

    Is it possible to change sponsorship company.

    I'm on my first sea phase after successful competing my first college phase. To be honest my experience of the Officers so far is not that great if I'm very polite.

    So far in a month we have had 2 close quarters situation with one Officer, he is probably the worst of the lot. I am yet to see anyone being that concerned.

    I am with alarming regularity having to wake up the OOW from his alcoholic stupor so he can make decisions during anchor watch. Also on that note drinking on the bridge seems pretty common place so far.

    The Officers were basically just abrasive to start with which probably peaked with me being told to "speak English you mother***ker" ironically by someone with terrible English. I was also told that the education system was superiors in the Officers home country, this was put across with the phrase " I piss on your education" as he screamed in my face in an alcoholic rage while on duty before passing out for 4 hours.

    I'm big enough and daft enough to look after myself so attitudes and verbal abuse don't bother me. What is getting to me is the substandard education im getting as a cadet. I'm doing 86 hours a week of repetitive tasks and in reality learning very little.

    I have spoken with fellow cadets and they seemed to equally have had a bad time with the Officers. There are I believe reasons for this but I can't go into them without giving away the company.

    I realized I could go to head office, but it's not the start to my career I was hoping for, all I want to do is worry about my education not these issues or being embroiled in work conflict.

    This is not an exhaustive list of all the happenings, just some highlights. I also note that there are friendly, good people here too but that doesn't help me become an officer.

    Many thanks.

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    No, it is not normally possible - speak to your training officer.
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      It's not usually possible (due to the way the smart funding works from what I understand) however it may not be what is required in this situation. Definitely speak to or email your training manager. Provided you put emphasis on your concern primarily for your education, and are polite and courteous; there shouldn't be an issue with professionalism.

      It may be they can simply get you moved to another ship where (fingers crossed) the officers are a bit more understanding. Just because you're a cadet you shouldn't have to accept second rate conditions, especially if it's damaging to your education.


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        Not normally possible. I have heard cadets being told in no uncertain words to suck it up, as if they leave the ship they lose thier cadetship.

        Also had one lad on my course who complained about the ship he was on, part way through a 6 month contract. He spent the majority of his time as a last trip cadet washing decks and dealing with passive aggressiveness from some of the eastern European crew. He was told the same thing by the company . However, this was one training agency who's low standing is well deserved.


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          My mate in phase 2 hated deep sea and considered quitting, one of his classmates sailing on standby vessels (with the same training agency) quit round about this time.

          Basically my mate called up the Standby company and asked if he could replace their cadet who just quit to which they said yes.

          The Training company weren't happy at all, but apparently it wasn't an issue at all.

          That's the only case I've ever heard of it happening !


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            Technically it IS possible to change company but it's unusual. In the two instances I know of, both were sacked by their original companies.


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              Many thanks

              It sounds like the answer I was expecting. Basically it's possible but I'd have to run the chance of making my situation worse, loosing my sponsorship and I'd most likely not get my current sea time signed off. I'd also run the risk of just ending up on another ship in the same situation.

              So making the most of what I can is then the best option while hoping it doesn't adversely impact my Officer training and chances of passing my orals.

              Thank you for all the responses, they have been helpful.


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                Again, It never hurts to ask to change ship. I had to ask to move ship a short while ago and it was a very smooth process with no issues at all. The worst that can happen is they'll say it's not possible right?


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