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Clyde Sea Time

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  • Clyde Sea Time

    Hey fellas
    I was just wondering if any current or former Clyde cadets could give me examples of how much notice they were given prior to their first sea phase?
    I'm currently on short courses and all I know so far is it can be any time from April 1st.

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    Get a bag packed and ready.
    io parlo morse


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      What the old man said. I was given four days, others were given 2 weeks, some 12 hours. I'm pretty sure that can be beaten though. Be ready as soon as you leave college.


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        2 or 3 days.


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          For my first trip I was given less than a days notice, good thing I had already bought and packed everything I would need!

          it varies from company to company as it is your shipping company who are responsible for allocating you a berth and setting an embarkation date not Clyde Marine. Your best bet is to play it safe and get packed as soon as you can and make sure you are ready to go at a moments notice, because a moments notice might be all you get.


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            Originally posted by jacob44 View Post
            What the old man said.
            io parlo morse


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              We finished college on the final day of March and I was at sea on the first day of April. On my second sea phase we finished college around July and I didn't get on a ship until late September.


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                Finished college in June, 2 guys with Clyde didn't get a ship til November while another 2 were off within a few days. Luck of the draw.


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                  for my frist sea phase, I was doing my PSCRB short course in my final week, was told on the friday i will be flying out on Sunday.
                  Meaninf i had to fly home from newcastle on the fri night, had sat to get my **** together then on the train to airport sunday morning.

                  For my second sea phase, i was on the beach on the friday, having been pestering them for information for weeks, only to be told i would be joining ship the next day, sat.

                  Have everythign ready to go at a moments notice.


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                    The afternoon I finished the college phase, I had a phone call from Clyde saying I was flying to the ship the next day. I was pretty rushed off my feet because I had to move out the flat I was renting that same day, return the keys, move all my stuff back 100 miles to my parents house and pack my bags for the ship. Got through it though and managed to get to the ship ok.


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                      I finished phase 1 in June and had to wait until the end of October to hear news about my first ship. Some guys had ships within a few weeks.

                      Be ready to go towards the end of Phase 1 so you're not in a rush if you get the call immediately. However if you end up having to wait for a time then keep in regular contact with your Training Officer - it helps to remind them that you're still alive and waiting.


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