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Tanker cargo operations.

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  • Tanker cargo operations.

    I recently got a job as a 3/O with a well known carribean oil tanker company. My C/O has drilled me with questions lots of which I know but he asked me how to work out 10minutes until conpletion of loading. I know it should be simple but I can't get my head round it and feel like a complete and utter idiot for not be able to work it out.

    Any help is a huge huge bonus!

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    Never been on a tanker but I'll have a crack.

    could it be as simple as

    final loading rate (i.e. Xm3/h) divided by 60 to get m3 per minute.

    Multiply by 10. This is the tank volume left for when you are 10 minutes from completion.

    Substract from current cargo volume left to load. Divide this by current loading rate. This is the time left until you reach the point of 10 minutes to completion.

    Seems like common sense basic maths. Again never been on a tanker.


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      from what seagazer said
      TTG = (((F-(R/6))-C)x60)/R
      where F is full volume m3, R is rate in m3/hr, and C is current volume will give you the time to go in minutes and it works in excel
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          It really isn't that complicated.

          I'm on gas tankers but I'm assuming it's pretty much the same, if you've been manually calculating our hourly figures you should have a round about estimated time of completion anyway. But just keep an eye on the rate receiving and the time.

          Do you carry ratedown sheets onboard? Nothing will ever be exact (few minutes either side usually on gas) due to the rate and flow.


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            Thank you so much everyone. I'm kicking myself for not being able to work it out. Think the C\O was happy that I used my imitative to ask you guys and girls. Don't see why he couldn't just tell me and teach me though. Hey ho! Life goes on. Once again thank you!


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              I have just applied with PG Tankers for a Third Officer position. I was just wondering if anyone knew what my chances of an interview are? I have extensive experience on Product Tankers and an Oil DCE but unfortunately only hold an OOW CoC. Are they likely to be looking for someone with Chief Mates/Masters only?