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Crew Member Death Working in Elevator

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  • Crew Member Death Working in Elevator

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    (CNN)A crew member on a Caribbean cruise ship died while working on an elevator, the company said.

    Passengers aboard the Carnival Ecstasy witnessed part of the horrifying incident Sunday evening in which blood poured down the front of the elevator.

    Matt Davis and his wife were on their way to dinner when they came across the gory scene.

    "To look and see the elevator with just blood coming down like a sheet, and not stopping ... it was a real life scene of 'The Shining,'" Davis told CNN affiliate WFTX, referring to the 1980 horror movie.

    As the couple looked on aghast at the flowing blood, which they said sounded like a rainstorm, a crew member was trying to usher people back inside the restaurant.
    Full story and video here;
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    Classic reporting though, more focused on the fact that the pax were allowed to see and film the incident rather than the tragic accident/lack of tag out that's happened.
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      Yeah not very respectful reporting at all.

      Elevators are very dangerous things, and should be treated with as much care as working on/in/under other lifting appliances on vessels when doing maintenance. Will be interesting to see if there is a MAIB report, or some equivalent explaining what occurred.