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Free wifi port of Ipswich for seafarers

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  • Free wifi port of Ipswich for seafarers

    Now wouldn't it be wonderful if all ports in the world offered this, even if they could limit it so people didn't download every film that was ever made would be great. Seems to me many ports don't have wifi at all and you need to be able to get off the ship and travel to find it.
    It would make so much easier than finding a SIM card that works with a the right network etc and dare I say it somewhat cheaper.

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    A lot of container terminals have WiFi across the site but its locked down. The infrastructure is there it just needs opening up to seafarers


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      Port Chalmers here in New Zealand offers free wifi during the cruise season (October - April) for passengers and crew I believe, used it a couple of times, rather handy!
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        Most of the big (and occasionally small) cruise ports in Europe have free wifi although when 1000s of people try and use it it's pretty crap.

        If not pretty much every bar, cafe, restaurant near the port will have wifi :-)
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          A container terminal in Montreal that I have visited had wifi but you had to be willing to work for which I mean sit outside of the accommodation at -15 degrees in winter

          Other than that there was a McDonalds five minutes walk away.