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    Hello everyone, Firstly i want ot thank you for opening this thread. So... Thanks

    OKay, I have been a part of this forum since 2011, i don't post very often but i come on at least once a week to read the new threads etc and see whats happening.

    I have been searching though the interwebs and this forums trying to find a good discussion for working on the rigs as opposed to working on a ship.

    I have found nothing worth while reading, it's all scattered everywhere and half of it seems like bull nit.

    So today, i propose we talk here, I am hoping that we can get some people who working onboard ships, which is what i do, to answer questions about life on board, promotional aspects, rotations, salaries and benefits etc... because lets be honest, that is what really matters to most people as they all contribute to job satisfaction and overall healthy living through the work life balance.

    What i cannot find is people who work on the rigs, So if people would like to share some information with me and other people in this thread. I would be very grateful. Anonymously or not i don't care

    Many thanks,

    "My Job"

    It's not my place to run the boat
    the fog horn I can't blow.

    It's not my place to say just where
    the boat's allowed to go

    It's not my right to dock the boat
    or even clang the bell

    But let the damn thing
    start to sink AND SEE WHO CATCHES HELL!