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Somali industry investing in expansion of trading area

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  • Somali industry investing in expansion of trading area

    MB extends high risk area
    (July 2 2010)

    The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has significantly extended its high-risk area for Somali pirate attacks.

    The IMB?s best management practices to deter piracy off Somalia and in the Arabian Sea ? the latest version of which was issued this month ? specify that the high-risk area is now bounded by Suez to the North, South to latitude 10 deg and east to longitude 78 deg.

    ?While to date attacks have not been reported to the extreme east of this area, they have taken place at almost 70 deg East,? it warned. ?There remains the possibility that piracy attacks will take place even further to the East of the high-risk area.?

    ?Following any piracy attack or suspicious activity, it is vital that a detailed report of the event is reported to UKMTO, MSCHOA and the IMB,? the document said.
    Source: ... ewsID=2066
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